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Our Charger delivers the full charging energy for your electric car. To make sure the Charger is connected correctly we recommend professional installation with our installation service - tailored and relaxed, all from one place. This guarantees that your Charger and the home connection are safe.

Preparation is key

3 steps to your at-home charging station

Installation requirements

For the Charger, you need a power connection, enough space on a straight garage wall and in the fuse box, and permission from the homeowner.

To the Online Pre Check

Remote Home Check

After ordering your Charger and the standard installation package, our installer will contact you to perform a remote home check via an online questionnaire.
Our installer will decide whether the questionnaire and a telephone call is sufficient or if you’ll need a home visit.
If your home check results differ from our standard installation package, you’ll get an additional offer (e.g. for dynamic load management).

Order a Charger

Installation and setting up

Once all your questions have been answered, our installer will book an appointment with you for the installation.
Our installer will bring your new Charger with them, install it and start it up.
Our installer will test your charger’s functionality, if possible, with your electric vehicle.

To the FAQs

Our installation service, so many advantages

Customised and stress-free
  • Installation and charger from one place
  • Professional and Safe Electric Registered Electrical Contractor (REC)
  • Installation of fuses recommended by law
  • 24-month guarantee on the installation
  • Seamless on-site support for installation

You order. We’ll take care of the rest.

We offer everything you need to start your electrifying future. The following services are included in our standard installation package:


  • Remote home check and if necessary additional home check on-site
  • Up to 15 meters of cabling from fuse box to your Charger
  • Up to two wall openings
  • Residual current and wiring protection
  • Installation and setting up
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Not included

  • Load management priority switch if required (mainly for customers with other large power consumers such as electric shower or heat pump). In case it is needed, our installation partner can offer it directly to you for € 240.
  • Expanding the fuse box
  • Excavation and ground work

More questions?

Quick answers to frequently asked questions.

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Support and Service

Our Charger

The Charger is your fast, convenient wallbox with up to 11 kW charge power. You can control the internet-enabled versions from anywhere.

Software updates

We regularly provide new software updates for our Internet-enabled wallboxes. To make sure that you never miss an update and that our IT systems can upload updates to your wallbox, it needs to be switched on, connected to the Internet, and you need to provide your consent in our charging app.


Quick answers to frequently asked questions.

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